For many things you have to pay a deposit. Think of the deposit for a rental house, rental car, etc. Aqualectra requires a deposit when you sign up for (fixed meter) electricity.


Rental house
When you rent a house you almost always have to pay a deposit, usually 1 or 2 months rent. Getting the deposit back after termination of the rental contract is often a major problem in Curaçao. Litigation is a lengthy and costly process, and even if you win the procedure, the deposit is not automatically refunded. If the landlord does not want to pay voluntarily after the judgment (term is 14 days), then you still have to impose an attachment (also an expensive procedure), and "from a bare chicken ......". It is often assumed that you can knock on the door of the Huurcommissie, but the Huurcommissie does not act when it comes to deposits.

  • If you are renting through a broker, require the deposit to be paid to the broker.

  • Before signing the lease, take photos (outside and inside) of the entire house and have them included as attachments to the lease or "deposit" them with the real estate agent. Document any defects well.

  • Make an inventory of all available equipment and any furniture (also an appendix to the rental contract). Also think of air conditioners.

  • It is often stipulated in the lease that the tenant must have the air conditioners serviced. Ask for proof of the last service.

  • The same goes for a cesspool. When was the last time emptied?

  • Try to have it recorded in the rental contract that the deposit counts as "the last month (s) of rent". Usually this will not work, but not tried .....

  • At the end of the rental contract (before the final inspection), take pictures of the empty house again and date it, so that after the final inspection, all kinds of "defects" cannot be used as a reason for not or not fully repaying the deposit.

Rental car

  • Take photos of the rental car and have any existing damage included in the rental contract.

  • Report technical defects as soon as possible.

If the supply contract ends, Aqualectra must repay your deposit. Our experience is that this does not happen automatically.

  • If you cancel the supply contract with Aqualectra, ask for a refund of your deposit after the final settlement and ask for the period within which this will happen.


Problems with the refund of your deposit?