Consumer rights

Product purchase - What are your rights?

If a product breaks during the warranty period, you are entitled to free repair or replacement. Report to the company with the product (if possible), your purchase invoice and any warranty certificate (often your receipt is the warranty certificate).

The law states that you are entitled to a good product (legal guarantee). This means that the product must meet your expectations.

Is a product broken within 6 months after purchase? Then the law assumes that the product was not good from the time of purchase. Unless the seller proves that you have misused the product.


Does a product break earlier than you may expect? Then you are entitled to a free repair or a replacement product. The seller must take care of this. You have concluded the purchase agreement with him.

No more warranty?

Even after the warranty period, you may be entitled to free repair or replacement. This often applies to products that last longer, such as a washing machine. How long that is depends on the price, the type of product and the brand. You must demonstrate that there is something wrong with the product and why you should not have expected it.

If the seller does not want to solve the problem, you can cancel the purchase and request a refund.