Car insurance

We get a lot of complaints about car insurance:

  • Damages that are not fully compensated by the insurance company of the other party

  • In the event of a total loss of the car, not the current value will be reimbursed but the wreckage value


Does the amount to be paid out deviate from the estimated damage and do you disagree?

Submit your complaint to us during the treatment!

Do not sign for approval - After approval you no longer have any rights!


Problems with a claim?
Download the complaint form at the bottom of the page or mail to info@consumentenbelangen.com with all the details:

  • Your name

  • Company and policy number of your insurance

  • Your license plate

  • Date of the collision

  • Claim number of the counterparty's insurance company

  • All correspondence (damage report, letters, e-mails, etc.)

Nagico autoschadeclaims


During the handling of an individual complaint, we received signals about several claims that Nagico has wrongly only partially reimbursed. We approached Nagico about the individual complaint and also reported the other victims.


Nagico has indicated in the individual complaint that she will compensate the damage 100%.

Nagico has promised that it will re-examine all car damage claims made by Consumers' Interests Curaçao with only partial compensation, even if the damage amount has already been paid out.


Have you had a collision in which the other party was insured with Nagico and has your damage been only partially compensated? Please contact us and we will resubmit all individual cases to Nagico.


Send us an email info@consumentenbelangen.com
or whatsapp to 7 88 99 10

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